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founded in
2006, has been
equipped with a
wealth of experience
in material R&D, tooling
design and manufacturing,
products development, and
systematic management, and
has constantly been moving forw-
ard within last 9 years.To constantly
meet end-customer requirements, You-
long has been establishing contacts with
R&D center of end customer, to work together
to develop new products before mass prodution.

We have 3 manufacturing sites and provide one-stop-service to you on raw material, tooling design, tooling manufacturing, product design and product manufacturing demand. Meanwhile, we have established USA sales office to make continuously growth and satisfy global customers’ request.
At present, Youlong has established stable and last-forever cooperation relationship with high-end customers in the fields of automotive, communications, medical, industry, instrument and others. Youlong meets the needs of international products request, based on outstanding design concept, solid project development experience and close cooperation with global logistics net. We implement strictly as per ISO9001 management system, to realize the goal of lean management, and high effectiveness of operation management through systematic management.We encourage freedom, innovation, preciseness, and cooperation. We value talents, and cultivate talents. We establish perfect organizational structure, and arrange career path of each person and reasonable space for development, to make all staff resist severe test from marketing and lay the solid foundation for stable and constant production.

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